ABC Award

The ABC Award is aimed at recognising a researcher, physician, nurse or patient advocate who has made an outstanding and impacting contribution in the field of advanced breast cancer throughout his/her career.

    The first ABC Award - in recognition of his work on discovering fundamental, clinically-relevant biological and molecular mechanisms for metastases including site specificity, latency, self-seeding and the role of the microenvironment in colonization and drug resistance - was assigned to Joan Massagu√© .
      The second ABC Award - in recognition for his work on metastatic breast cancer, especially improving the management of metastatic cancer to bone, resulting in preservation and improvement in quality of life of patients worldwide - was assigned to Robert E. Coleman.
      The third ABC Award - in recognition for her work and dedication to advocacy specifically to advanced breast cancer patients will be assigned to Musa Mayer during the Award Ceremony on Thursday, 2 November.