Global Status of Metastatic Breast Cancer: 2005-2015 Decade Report

ESO is pleased to announce the publication of the Global Status of Advanced/Metastatic Breast Cancer (mBC): A 2005-2015 Decade Report, which revealed both areas of improvement and substantial gaps in care, access to resources and support, and treatment outcomes for women with metastatic breast cancer. Metastatic breast cancer is the most advanced stage of breast cancer that occurs when the disease spreads from the breast to other parts of the body and for which there is no cure. Public health experts estimate there will be a 43 percent increase in breast cancer related deaths globally from 2015 to 2030, the majority of which are a result of metastatic disease.

The report was developed by Pfizer Oncology, working collaboratively with the European School of Oncology under the framework of the Advanced Breast Cancer International Consensus Conference (ABC). A Steering Committee of global multidisciplinary mBC advisors comprised of physicians, patients support organisations leaders, and patients advised on the development of this report that provides the most comprehensive analysis to date of the global advanced and metastatic breast cancer landscape over the past decade.

 Global Status of Advanced/Metastatic Breast Cancer: 2005-2015 Decade Report
The report is available here

Based on the findings from the Global Status of Advanced/Metastatic Breast Cancer 2015-2015 Decade Report a Call-To-Action was created by a multi-stakeholder committee to ensure that challenges faced by patients with mBC rise up to the top of the healthcare agenda around the world. The Call-to-Action is essential for motivating across the mBC global landscape and is intended to help those in the cancer community guide policy makers as to what steps can be taken to match best practices in caring for a major and vulnerable group of patients. This document encourages advocates, healthcare professionals, policy makers and members of the mBC community to take action at a local level to improve the lives and care of patients with mBC.

In order to ensure success in activating programmes which directly aim to improve and extend the lives of patients with advanced breast cancer, it is imperative that the initiative moves to a global, multi-stakeholder platform. As such, the finalization and implementation of the Call-to-Action initiative will be driven forward by the ABC Global Alliance, a newly formed ESO-backed multi-stakeholder platform for organizations to collaborate on projects aimed at improving the lives and extending survival of ABC patients. The ABC Global Alliance is an ESO initiative and is sponsored through unrestricted grants provided by pharmaceutical companies, including Novartis (main sponsor), Pfizer (main sponsor) and Lilly (sponsor).
The transition of the Call-to-Action took place during the 15th St Gallen International Breast Cancer Conference (15-18 March 2017) in Vienna, Austria. This meeting unveiled the preliminary Global mBC Vision Call-to-Action and provided an evening of engaging discussion with our expert panel who shared perspectives on the Call-to-Action and its importance to help drive improved mBC Patient Care by 2025. At this meeting the transition of the Call-to-Action from the mBC Vision 2025 Taskforce to the ABC Global Alliance officially took place, setting the stage for the final initiative which will be launched as the ABC Global Alliance Charter at the ABC4 conference in Lisbon, November 2017.

 Global mBC Vision 2025 Call-to-Action
The Call-to-Action is available here
In collaboration with ESO, Pfizer provided financial and management support, and strategic coordination, as well as shared analyses and key data on gaps in care identified in the Global Status of Advanced/metastatic Breast Cancer 2005-2015 Decade Report, which formed the basis of the preliminary Global mBC Vision 2025 Call-to-Action. Pfizer did not develop content for the Call-to-Action, this was determined by consensus from mBC Vision 2025 Taskforce members.
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