Travel grants

Companies are encouraged to provide support to allow those who do not have the resources to attend but would highly benefit from the Conference. Sponsors may indicate to which group of awardees their grant is to be assigned (middle- and low-income countries, young physicians, nurses, patient advocates).

Travel grants assigned on a competitive basis by ESO are made available to:

Physicians from middle- and low-income countries as defined by The World Bank;
Physicians under the age of 40;
Patient advocates.

Travel grant recipients will receive a set-amount to contribute to their travel and accommodation expenses. Partial
registration fee will be covered by ESO.

Participants’ origin
    Travel support    Registration    Sponsors' grant per participant
Europe, Middle-East and North-Africa     EUR 500
     EUR 200
     EUR 700
Other regions and overseas     EUR 1.000
     EUR 200
     EUR 1.200

The sponsor’s logo will be included in the dedicated section of the sponsors page of the ABC4 announcements, programme book, abstract book and website.